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Dr. James J. Thompson and Dr. Emma Jean Thompson

Dr. James J. Thompson, Jr., and his wife, Dr. Emma Jean Thompson, enjoy God's calling to be a modern day "Aquila and Priscilla" (the husband and wife pastoral team mentioned six times in the New Testament--always together).  They have a precious daughter, Sherah Danielle Thompson.  Their prayer and desire is that you and your entire family would be strengthened through the enriching power of God's Word and the miraculous power of the Holy ghost.

Together, the Thompsons pastor Integrity Church International (the new name of Harvest Church),  a flourishing church located in Landover,  Maryland just outside of 
Washington D.C.

Nationally and internationally,  people have expressed their gratitude for how the Lord has used them to preach,  teach,  heal and bring deliverance as they minister the Word and move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Your life,  too,  will be changed as your heart is stirred to walk in the fullness God has for you.

Because of their strong conviction concerning "righteousness exalting a nation",  Drs. Jim and Emma Jean,  as many call them,  have been used by God to declare what the Word of the Lord has to say on different issues.  They have represented Jesus Christ on local and national television.  Hearts have been changed as they declared God's command for holiness and purity,  chastity,  and protection for our unborn children and help for our youth.

From the past to the present,  Christians in general as well as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ have stood up concerning issues of their day.  Charles G. Finney,  a fiery white preacher,  passionately spoke against the sin of slavery going on around him.  James Pennington,  a fiery black preacher,  reverently declared the Word of God on the same issue.  Frederick Douglas,  Harriet Tubman,  Sojourner Truth and others paved the way to address sin regardless of the time period or "new name" it is called.

The Thompsons and their ministry have had opportunity to represent Christ in Christianity Today,  B.E.T.,  CNN News, WTTG-Fox TV,  WFTY TV 50,  C-Span,  Newsweek Magazine,  Time Magazine,  Los Angeles Times and at the White House.  They have spoken the truth in love and yet with fervency.

In addition to pastoring Integrity Church International,  the Thompsons,  also founded the Great Potential Program,  which is targeted towards ministering to youth in the inner city.  The program has been in operation for several years and has been in nine schools in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  Likewise,  the Youth Making a Difference Everywhere Program (known as Youth M.A.D.E.) reaches youth of all ages,  transforming them through the Word and the Spirit of Christ.  Young people are trained and helped to obtain summer jobs.

The Thompsons have served on such distinguished boards as Dr. Lester Sumrall's Feed the Hungry" Board of Directors,  Friends International University Board (Pastor Jim),  and President of the International Black Women's Network (Pastor Emma Jean).

The Thompsons, along with the late Pennsylvania Governor William Casey and former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan,  were recipients of the 1994 Friends for Life Award given by the Northwest Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C.

They were also presented the Golden Caleb Award by noted Australian,  Peter Daniels,  along with such recipients as the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale,  Ron Glosser of the Hershey Foundation,  and Dr. Robert Schuler.

Whether in the U.S. or abroad,  you can experience the strong prophetic anointing upon this couple to minister the Word of the Lord to you and to your home church.  As they flow in the anointing,  pastors are encouraged and often receive confirmation in the spirit concerning the direction of the Lord.  Also,  congregations are strengthened as the members' hearts are knit together more perfectly with the vision that God gave the pastors.

The Thompsons' prayer and desire as they serve you,  your family,  and your ministry is that the gifts,  the grace,  the anointing, and Word that God has blessed them with will help you receive and walk in His best for you in everything.

You may contact the Thompsons by writing to Integrity Church International, P.O. Box 1240,  Landover,  Maryland 20785,  or call (301)322-3311.  Write or call today and prayerful consideration will be given to your request.  God bless you and yours in Jesus' Name.




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